With staff and cadets coming from throughout Newcastle City and surrounding suburbs, 321 (City of Newcastle) Squadron AAFC has strong links with the local community. Original formed in 1953, the squadron has now been in continuous operation for more than 60 years. The squadron staff and senior cadets pride themselves in delivering a wide variety of training and experiences to the cadet members of the squadron.

321 Squadron is fortunate to be located on an Australian Defence Force base, where we have our own headquarters area, and share excellent training facilities with other ADF and ADFC units based at Bullecourt Barracks. Our location at Adamstown places us centrally within the City of Newcastle, whose name we share in the squadron title. The squadron also uses the lighthouse crest from the City of Newcastle coat of arms as the unit insignia.

The squadron continually looks for new and innovative training areas for the cadets. This includes introducing model rocketry weekends, hovercraft elective studies, and visits to airports and airlines. This ensures that the cadets’ training is constantly challenging and varied.

At 321 Squadron we train and encourage young Australians to become fair and responsible leaders, capable of taking responsibility for their actions, and able to set an example for their peers. The unit plays an important part in the community, often representing our parent service at service and ex-service functions and commemorations. By the time they leave the AAFC, 321 Squadron cadets will have experienced positions of responsibility, and will have learned important life-long lessons about self-discipline and leadership.

Cadets representing 321SQN at the Australian war memorial - 25 Aug 18.

Leave Application:
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