How do I join?

At 321 Squadron, the recruiting process is designed to ensure that potential recruits have a structured progression to become cadets. The squadron accepts new applicants for its recruiting intake between October and March. This is to ensure that cadets have a seamless introduction to the 321SQN training program.

The following paragraphs outline the process of joining 321SQN.

1. Initial Enquiry. A potential recruit should first contact 321SQN by telephoning 0432 132 104, or by using the on-line Expression of Interest Form. Potential recruits will be asked to provide information about themselves, including their name, home address, date of birth, contact telephone number and email address. These details are then added to the recruiting database. You will receive an email confirming your enquiry.

2. Invitation to Recruit Presentation. As the recruit intake date approaches, the squadron will write to the potential recruits, inviting them to a Recruit Briefing. This presentation is normally conducted at Bullecourt Barracks, Adamstown. Potential recruits need to confirm their position at the presentation, by telephoning or emailing the squadron.

3. The Recruit Briefing. At the briefing you will be introduced to some of the staff and cadets from 321 Squadron, and will be told about the activities in which our cadets are involved. You must attend with at least one of your parents/caregivers. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions about the AAFC, and will also be shown how to complete the on-line enrolment process. You will also be provided with the 321SQN Recruit Handbook, and a timetable of your recruit training.

4. Recruit March-In. Shortly after the Recruit Briefing, you will attend Bullecourt Barracks for your first training parade at 321 Squadron, which is held on a Wednesday evening from 1800hrs to 2130hrs (6.00pm to 9.30pm). You should wear long trousers, a collared shirt, and shoes. You will be shown around the 321 Squadron training facility, and will meet other cadets. You will start your initial AAFC training, which will include the subjects Cadet Skills Recruit (CSR), Drill Skills Recruit (DSR), Aerospace Skills Recruit (ASR) and Field Skills Recruit (FSR). Details of where you are to be set-down and collected will be provided during the Recruit Briefing.

5. Recruit Training. Over the next three weeks, you will continue with your cadet training. In addition to CSR, DSR, ASR and FSR, you will be shown how to use the CadetNet online administration system, and the C-Log logistic system. Also during this three week period, you will be measured for your AAFC uniforms. At the end of the three weeks, you must have completed your online enrolment, and have been allocated your cadet number. You must also have paid your Squadron Contributions. Your hairstyle must also conform to AAFC standards. Once all requirements have been met, you will be enrolled as a Cadet Recruit in the AAFC. You will now have full access to the CadetNet administration system, and will be able to nominate for other AAFC activities.

6. Recruit Training Weekend. Shortly after you have been enrolled, you will attend a recruit training weekend, usually at an Australian Defence Force base. During the weekend, you will continue with your recruit training, and will learn how to correctly wear, and care for your uniform. You will be shown how to make your bed, and keep your room clean and tidy. You will also complete your Cadet Skills Recruit (CSR) training, and participate in teambuilding activities. Attendance at this weekend activity is compulsory for all recruits.

7. Welcome to 321 Squadron! Once you have completed your recruit training weekend, you will have the knowledge and skills to become active members of 321 Squadron. You will be able to attend squadron fieldcraft exercises, apply to go gliding, or attend a week-long General Service Training (GST) course at a RAAF base. It's up to you!