Uniform and Equipment

AAFC cadets are supplied with a variety of uniforms. The Service Dress (SD) uniform is worn on ceremonial occasions, and at 321 Squadron, on the first and last parade night of each month. At other times, the camouflage Disruptive Pattern Uniform (DPU) is worn. During fieldcraft activities, cadets also wear DPU.

One aspect of a cadet's personal discipline is his/her uniform, which is his/her personal responsibility for care. The care taken with a uniform can be seen in the very appearance of the uniform. A cadet's reputation for appearance will depend upon the attention to detail when wearing a uniform, and because it is a 'uniform' - the same for all cadets - deviations from or additions to the approved uniform are forbidden.

Uniforms are provided to cadets free of charge, and can be exchanged as the cadet grows. Whilst general 'wear and tear' is expected, cadets are to ensure that their uniforms are maintained at a high standard.

Cadets may also be supplied with equipment for fieldcraft activities, such as packs, webbing and tents. Once issued, these items become the responsibility of the cadet. Again, when a cadet leaves the AAFC, he/she must return all issued equipment.

To view the cadet scale of issue, please click on this link. AAFC Scale of Issue- Cadets