Cadet Contributions

Although assisted materially by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the AAFC is expected to rely heavily on its own resources for its continued operation. Consequently, 321 Squadron requires an annual contribution from each cadet. Without this income the squadron could not operate effectively.

The 321 Squadron annual contribution structure is promulgated by routine instruction each year. Additionally, the squadron asks new members for a one-off joining fee, which is used to provide recruits with uniform items specific to 321 Squadron (eg squadron caps, patches), or specific to the individual recruit (eg name badges).

Occasionally, cadets may be required to meet some of the cost of participating in approved AAFC activities. This includes the purchase of bus and/or rail tickets (for training conducted outside the Hunter Region) and fees for fieldcraft exercises. Subsidized squadron activities such as air experience flying, gliding, visits and social activities all involve participants meeting a portion of the total cost involved. The squadron's objective is to stage high-quality, cost effective training activities for the cadets, and the staff aim to keep any costs met by parents/caregivers as low as possible.

The majority of camps and activities staged at wing level, including General Service Training (GST), promotion and other specialized camps, are conducted at RAAF and ADF bases at no cost to cadets. Instructional type courses including powered flying, gliding, and abseiling will require cadet students to meet relevant costs.