Commanding Officer Welcome

'To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.'

I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the 321 Squadron AAFC website, where you will be able to view this exceptional squadron’s current activities and ongoing achievements. The squadron has a rich military heritage that provides the basis of our operation; it is a huge benefit to our ethos, values, and training culture. We are proud to provide a stable and understanding development environment for young men and women from all backgrounds.

Cadets at 321 Squadron are immersed in a unique training environment, centred on the squadron core values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. The training program is delivered by experienced adult staff and senior cadets, who serve as both instructors and mentors, ensuring an environment focused on achieving team and individual goals. As a result of the leadership training they receive, cadets grow to become confident leaders who can navigate practical challenges, apply critical thinking processes, and embody classic values such as citizenship, character and self-discipline.

Skills are taught and cultivated through many of the wide-ranging activities that the AAFC has to offer. At 321 Squadron we expand on many of the AAFC core activities of aerospace skills, fieldcraft, service knowledge and ceremonial training, and provide experiences that young men and women would not normally be exposed to. As you browse further through our website, you will see the diverse range of activities and accomplishments that this squadron has achieved.

There is no secret to the success of 321 Squadron. It is the culmination of good preparation, hard work, teamwork, the want to better ourselves, and never giving up trying. Not only by the squadron’s staff, but more importantly by the cadets themselves. It is this joint effort that creates the spirit of 321 Squadron. As Commanding Officer, I am extremely proud of the staff and cadet team who continually deliver results year after year with enthusiasm and professionalism.

It is now up to you. If you want to rise to the challenge, and fulfil your potential now and into the future, then contact us today.

G. Mayler
Flight Lieutenant (AAFC)
Commanding Officer