Mission, Vision, Roles, Values, Aims

Mission Statement
Develop Australian youth in a military and aviation environment.

Vision Statement
The Australian Air Force Cadets will be the premier air minded youth organisation in Australia.

Role of the AAFC
The present role of the AAFC is to provide comprehensive, activity-centred, personal and social development, care and enjoyment for young people in a community and ADF setting.

Values of the AAFC
The AAFC strives for and encourages its staff and cadets to:

  • display honest commitment to AAFC values;
  • adhere to the customs and traditions of the Air Force;
  • strive for excellence as both leaders and followers;
  • be fair and respect the rights of others;
  • encourage diversity in all its forms;
  • balance work and family commitments, including family and relationships, for themselves and for those with whom they work;
  • work together as a team and strive for administrative commonality;
  • communicate in an open and honest manner;
  • be professional and innovative;
  • be recognised for their loyalty, integrity and determination; and
  • serve with pride and dedication.

Aims of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC)

  • promote and grow the AAFC;
  • enhance and enrich the cadet experience, and extend the period of active interest and involvement of cadets;
  • enhance the value of the AAFC to the nation and the Air Force;
  • enrich the staff experience; and
  • provide leadership and best practice management at all levels.