Joining 321 Squadron

321 Squadron will conduct its next recruit intake later in 2021. Please contact the squadron on 0432 132 104 to register your interest, or use the on-line 'Register your Interest' link, located on the lower right hand side of this website.

Would you like to join?

Nationally, all AAFC squadrons currently conduct only one recruit intake per year, usually between October and March. If you are interested in becoming a cadet at 321 Squadron, you can register your interest by telephoning the squadron on 0432 132 104, or apply on-line using the 321SQN Registration of Interest Form.

Being an cadet at 321 Squadron requires personal commitment. There are regular meetings (parades) on Wednesday evenings during the school term. Added to this there will be a full programme of weekend activities and events. Further to these there are courses and camps, often held at RAAF bases, which you can attend during the school holidays. You will discover more about the wide variety of activities and challenges on offer by exploring this site.

General information

To be eligible to join the Australian Air Force Cadets, you must meet the following criteria:

  • aged between 13 and 16 (you can join in the year you turn 13, and stay until the end of the year you turn 18);
  • have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to enrol;
  • be a person ordinarily resident in Australia;
  • be sufficiently fit and capable of carrying out the normal duties and activities of a cadet in the AAFC;
  • not be a member of either the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC), Australian Army Cadets (AAC) or the Australian Defence Force (permanent or reserve);
  • must make a commitment to abide by the Cadet Code of Conduct; and,
  • you must also be willing to make a commitment to regularly attend squadron parades and activities.
  • 321 Squadron parades every Wednesday during school terms, from 1800h to 2130h. The squadron also parades on the first Monday of each month for additional and specialist training. Squadron activities are supervised by AAFC adult staff and senior cadets.

    Please browse the site for information about joining 321 Squadron. If the information you find isn't enough please do not hesitate to contact us.

    You can click HERE to view the AAFC promotional video on YouTube.