Squadron Structure

321 Squadron is structured to provide the cadets with the maximum opportunity for command and control, and for input into the operation of the unit. The squadron is organized into a headquarters, operational flights, and a training flight.

Headquarters Section consists of all adult staff, who supervise and mentor the overall operation of the squadron, and liaise at regional and wing level. In addition to the adult staff, the positions of Cadet Executive Officer, Cadet Squadron Warrant Officer, the Assistant Training Officer, and the Assistant Administration Officer, all of which are filled by senior cadets, are attached to the Headquarters Section.

In addition to the Headquarters Section, 321 Squadron operates two to three operational flights (depending on current unit strength). These flights are named after the squadron colours. The flights are:

Blue Flight
Red Flight
White Flight

Each flight is commanded by a Cadet Under Officer or a Cadet Senior NCO, with a Cadet Sergeant as second-in-command. The flights are further divided into three sections, each commanded by a Cadet Corporal. Each section consists of six cadets, making the strength of each flight approximately 20 cadets.

Once a cadet is posted to an operational flight, they usually remain there until they achieve cadet NCO rank. This procedure enables the cadets to bond as a unit, and encourages healthy inter-flight competition and rivalry.

Additionally, 321 Squadron maintains a Training Flight. This flight is only established during periods of recruit training. It is usually commanded by a Cadet SNCO, with other cadet NCOs assisting during recruit training. Once the recruit training has been completed, the graduating recruits are posted to one of the operational flights, and the Training Flight is stood-down, pending the next recruit intake.