Code of Conduct

Cadet Code of Ethical Behaviour

This Code of Ethical Behaviour is a set of standards that guides the conduct of all Cadet activities and describes the important obligations and responsibilities expected of Cadets as valued members of the Australian Defence Force Cadets.

As a Cadet you are expected to:

1. treat others with respect and dignity;

2. recognise that everyone is different and that differences are a great strength because we can learn from others and better appreciate each other as unique human beings;

3. make decisions that are fair for everyone. This is about making sure everyone is given a fair go and has the same opportunity to share their ideas and join in activities;

4. recognise, prevent and report unacceptable behaviour like harassment and bullying, discrimination, swearing, threats, violence, unsafe activities or abuse of positions of responsibility;

5. behave with integrity by being honest to yourselves and others;

6. be accountable for your actions and decisions. Take responsibility for your actions and do not blame others or make excuses for your behaviour;

7. respect your Cadet Officers and Supervisors and obey their lawful directions that relate to you as a Cadet;

8. carry out Cadet tasks assigned to you in accordance with relevant policies;

9. keep a clean and tidy standard of dress while wearing your Cadet Service uniform because you represent your parent Service and must look and behave in a manner that supports the good reputation of your parent Service; and

10. stay true to Cadet values of honour, honesty, courage, integrity, loyalty and teamwork.