Field Skills

Fieldcraft and Survival Training

Fieldcraft training is a useful tool to develop confidence, leadership skills and physical fitness. At 321 Squadron cadets and staff participate in an increasingly challenging program of fieldcraft and survival, with the squadron offering several bush camps each year. Cadets start by learning how to live and care for themselves in the field, and then move on to basic map reading, navigation and camouflage skills. They then progress to how to create a bush shelter from the natural environment, collect water and trap food.

More than that though, fieldcraft and survival camps give cadets a chance to lead their peers in challenging circumstances. Out in the bush is where you really make friends for life.

Adventure Training

Adventure Training is an important part of the AAFC training syllabus, and the place where team effort really matters – you’ll build new friendships, and learn to rely on the other people you’re with to get the job done. It also lets you show off your leadership qualities.

Remember, whatever your personal tastes, no adventure training activity is compulsory. There is a wide range of activities to get stuck into, so if climbing isn’t for you perhaps canoeing is. Within the AAFC there are many opportunities to take part in adventure training, such as abseiling, canoeing, canyoning, climbing and white-water rafting. All activities of this kind are supervised by appropriately qualified staff.

Adventure training can be conducted locally by 321 Squadron, or at 342 Flight, the specialist adventure training unit within 3 Wing.