321 Squadron Training Program

The 321 Squadron training program is developed and published well in advance, so that cadets are able to plan to attend the necessary extra-curricular activities. It is important that cadets attend all compulsory training activities, as they directly contribute to the AAFC training syllabus.

The current 321 Squadron annual training program for 2019 can be accessed by using the link below. Please note that the program is subject to change. Changes are promulgated via E-mail, and updates are posted on this website.

321 Squadron Annual Training Program 2019 (v.2.0)

As amendments are made, the latest version of the program is emailed to all staff and cadets, or can be downloaded from this website. As details for activities are finalized, that information is incorporated into Joining Instructions, which are emailed to all participating staff and cadets. Joining Instructions can also be downloaded from this website.

Consent Forms, which are required for each squadron activity, can be generated through the CadetNet administration system. A blank copy of the form is also available for download in the 'Downloads' section of this website. Note that for most activities, the form must be uploaded to the CEA activity before the actvity commences.